Posted by Bart Signal on Apr 30, 2018

One of the most rewarding aspects of the Rotary youth Exchange programme is that it is open to all NZ students to apply and have a 12 month exchange with great supporting host families

Club Members will have someone eagerly wanting to apply and all they need is to know about the program – be the person that changes their life…

The Rotary exchange programme is regarded as one of the best student exchange programmes available and is extremely well regarded due to the pre-departure training and briefings that are provided to students and for the student support that is based around the Rotary organisation. This provides an excellent support network for the student and as a result the student is usually more easily able to reap the rewards of the exchange which both broaden their view of the world and develops global understanding and awareness while at the same time developing the student themselves to increase their independence and confidence. The RYE programme therefore plays an important role in developing future potential leaders

Contact John Fothergill ( for more information and also give thought to finding that student that is waiting for this opportunity

Also refer to the RYE website for detailed information

John Fothergill