Posted by Peter Woodcock on Jan 25, 2018

With three years’ experience in dealing with Chinese ‘officials’ (whether local, sub-district, district, municipal or provincial!), ‘consultants’, ‘compliance officers’ etc. one fears for the condition of Duncan’s liver as he endured meeting after meeting to help organise the construction of Bakels Dalian in China. In fact, with 36 licenses required and face to face meetings with compliance officers to gain approval for each one, it’s not surprising it has taken so long to get a factory up and running.

His enlightening account of the processes endured to complete the project (nearly there – March this year) would put anyone off the whole idea of doing business in this huge Asian market. Where else would one be expected to build a 3-storey (underground) reservoir holding 1200 cubic metres of water and massive fire-fighting water pumps to protect a 14,600 square metre plant, or a designated dining room for entertainment, or a special ozone room to sterilize all packaging etc. etc.? The compliance expectations seem mind-boggling but the company was obviously prepared to ‘play the game’ to ensure the successful completion of a worth while project.

Thanks Duncan for the insight into a part of your working life which few, if any of us, would care to emulate! Better keep to the ginger beer from now on.