Posted by Peter Woodcock on Jul 31, 2017

Now studying for a Master’s Degree in Psychology Philippa outlined her experiences as a member of an international team of 15 on Project Starfish, working to support children at risk of becoming victims to human traffickers in Thailand and Cambodia. Rotaract provided the connection. The skilled team offered services including dental work, medical profiling, agricultural development, water-culture systems, providing musical instruments and vocational training – all with the goal of ensuring a safe future for the young participants in the Mission Shelter.Language incompatibility didn’t prevent close bonds between children and team members and Philippa found leaving very hard. Two charitable organisations working with vulnerable children and abused women, INVADER and HAGAR were given practical and financial support by team members.Philippa is committed to continuing this involvement and sees herself using her university studies to the benefit of needy young people, most likely in the same geographic area in the future.

Nick and Denise can be justifiably proud of their enterprising daughter as can our club which has given support to make this experience possible.

Follow the read more link to see more slides of Philippa's experiences.