Posted by Les Divers on Jun 19, 2017

Monday’s guest speaker was Theresa Healey who has an extensive acting resumé which includes appearing as Nurse Carmen Roberts for 5 years in Shortland Street, leading roles in the movies Jubilee and Savage Honeymoon and many years in theatre. We were treated to 5 minutes of video footage of the diverse roles she has played and even a photo from a 1964 Pakuranga Town Centre Baby Shoot.

Theresa and her 3 siblings all were talented in the performing arts in various ways and their Pakuranga upbringing clearly gave them the confidence to take on the world. Having spent 10 years in her early career constantly in the theatre she was subsequently a regular on Shortland Street and more recently is enjoying the challenge of raising her two teenage children.

She did comment that it becomes a little harder for women in their 50’s to constantly land significant roles. Anil Anna introduced Theresa to us and thanked her for giving us an overview of her already lengthy career as an actress.