Posted by Duncan Loney on Feb 21, 2019

On Wednesday 27 February from 12noon to 1.30pm, the Rotary Club of Auckland is having a special lunch meeting, supporting the South Auckland charity Te Whakaora Tangata and will also include a performance from Dave Dobbyn.  This charity provides a holistic, long-term mentoring programme for those most at risk, with an average restorative cost of about $24,000 per person, far less than most other organisations can provide.  The aim is to successfully break the perpetual cycle of dysfunction and disadvantage in broken families and the results to date are impressive.  The panellists for this event, who have been through this programme, will include a woman who became a mother at 12 and a man in and out of prison for 35 years.

Date & Time: Wednesday 27 February, 12noon to 1.30pm
Paid Parking: Available in the EMA parking building on Auburn St
Cost: $60.00 per person
RSVP: clicking here or contacting Jacqui - (09) 486 6010 or