Posted by Allan Vester on Aug 16, 2017

Geoff Amos’s long involvement with the Pakuranga Rotary is well known and members were pleased to have Del Johnson present Geoff with two defibrillators for Fiji.

Geoff took the time to outline three issues he believes are important.

The first was his belief that all clubs need to be doing more to ensure that the great work they do and the contributions they make are marked with Rotary signs.

Secondly he entreated clubs to network with other clubs more. His club in Fiji with only eleven members has ties to multiple clubs in New Zealand and Australia and two on the West Coast of the United States.

Finally Geoff outlined a new project his club are working on, Tools in Schools, where pupils in Fiji will have more opportunity to learn those practical skills so needed.

His parting advice was to engage in exciting and really challenging projects that are hard and which require a major time commitment. Those are the projects that attract members and other help.