Posted by Jed Wieland on May 01, 2017
Our two Summer Science and Technology Forum awardees gave us a fantastic report on their two weeks at Forum. Both felt really privileged to be selected and to be sponsored by the Club and the opportunity it gave them to follow their passion and consolidate their pathway to University and beyond.
The first couple of days of the two-week Forum duration were spent getting to know all the awardees at the event. They discussed morals and ethics around their chosen fields and Michelle Dickinson, one of the leading Nano-technology scientist in the country came to speak with them.
The days that followed were filled with a wide variety of lectures, discussions and experiments. Geo-sciences including field trips, robotics, physics, chemistry, molecular biology, DNA extraction, the list just went on.
Evenings were spent socially and the benefit of future networking and friendship opportunities was obviously one of the significant outcomes of the Forum. The formal dinner gave opportunities to speak with the lecturers and to give the Awardees a taste of how it would be to mature into their chosen fields and to interact with others at all levels.
The National Science and Technology Forum clearly continues a great programme that is highly valued and fondly remembered by all those who have had the privilege of participating and it was great to have Madeline Yolland to add a lovely personal note of thanks and to speak a little of the history of the Forum and of John’s passion for it and science generally.